The ultimate playlist by Kamp!

The Ultimate Playlist

A playlist showing the development and musical exploration of Kamp!'s all albums, EPs released for D.I.S.C.O. Texas, Kitsune, Cascine and Brennnessel Records, and more or less known remixes. Play randomly or chronologically. Enjoy!

Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter by Tomek

A very eclectic playlist of Tomek, a thoughtful journey through various styles and themes from the classic italo disco, through singer-songwriter to contemporary hip hop.Very unobvious music choices that will broaden your horizons. Cho!

Kamp! loves Fall - Tomek - Update
Kamp! loves Fall - Radek - Update

Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter by Radek

The playlist created by Radek, focused on melodious, carefree techno, sometimes goes into darker areas of electronics. You will find in it a lot of songs, which DJs do not play, because they have become too "popular", but also a lot of new songs for the dance floor. This playlist is a little "The best of techno", a great combination for those who love it and a great start for those who want to get to know them.

Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter by Michał

Each of Michał's playlists is a very emotional set of songs associated with successive seasons.

Kamp! loves Fall - Michał - Update
Kamp! DJs - Update

Kamp! DJs

Playlist with songs that we play on DJ sets as KAMP! DJs. We start with the Beatstage tracklist at the Open'er Festival 2018! Updated every month!